Total Synergy’s customer support – drives 98% Customer Satisfaction

Total Synergy's support team is driven by an unwavering dedication to customer success. From the initial point of contact, our support team go the extra mile to ensure a seamless and rewarding customer experience.

Swift and Responsive Communication

One of the hallmarks of Total Synergy’s support team is our rapid response times. With a record first response time of 15 minutes, you will hear back from our team faster than any other AEC industry technology company. 

Our team recognises that every minute counts and aim to provide quick resolutions to customer inquiries to ensure you are left with #MoreTimeForDesign. With an overall close time of 5 hours for conversations they’re able to answer and resolve complex questions for you by working as a team behind the scenes, having in depth knowledge of the product and always having customers as their number one priority.  

“I love Anne and Benjamin. They always respond to my online queries promptly”


Deep Product Knowledge and Expertise

The Total Synergy support team possess an in-depth understanding of the Synergy software. They have comprehensive product knowledge and expertise, enabling them to diagnose and resolve issues promptly.  

“Ben is always very helpful and knowledgeable and points me in the right direction straight away.”  

Our proficiency allows us to offer accurate guidance, share best practices, and even suggest innovative ways for customers to leverage the Synergy software to meet their unique project management needs. 


A tailored approach through building relationships 

Our Total Synergy support team take a personalised approach in each customer interaction. Not only do they understand that each customer has unique requirements and challenges, but also that building a relationship between themselves and customers is key to delivering a personable and quality service. Our customers love interacting with our support agents globally and are always willing to share their feedback. 

“Amber is amazing! Every time she comes online, ‘Simply the best’ should play as her entrance music.” 

Our support team is always happy to answer any support related questions and listen to any product related feedback as well as guide you through larger problems that may arise. The team aims to provide a space where customers feel assured that their questions and concerns will be answered, followed up and taken seriously. Not only do they invest time in understanding customers business challenges, but also their goals in utilising certain aspects of the software.  


Proactive Issue Resolution  

Our Total Synergy support team not only focuses on issues customers are currently facing but are also looking for potential issues that may arise after a customer has asked a question and through any internal meetings, testing or development. The team keeps an eager eye on what developments are happening in the software and they continuously look at features and functionality through a customer centric lens. When our support team is unable to directly resolve customer queries, they will work hard at finding alternate solutions like Mellissa did;  

“Mell provided an answer to my question and guidance on how to proceed with an alternative option.” 


Continuous Learning and Professional Development: 

Total Synergy’s support team places a high value on continuous learning and professional development. Our team always ensures they are on top of the latest product releases and changing functionality in our rich and deep software. By continuously sharing knowledge with each other and communicating effectively each person can deep dive into individual areas of Synergy as well as have a rich understanding of how features work and are interlinked.    

Total Synergy’s support team sets a new standard for exceptional customer service. Their unwavering dedication to customer success, rapid response times, personalized assistance, proactive issue resolution, deep product knowledge, continuous learning, and relationship-building skills distinguish them from competitors. By going above and beyond, Total Synergy’s support team not only provides outstanding support but also contributes to their customers’ growth and success.  


Total Synergy Support metrics

  • First response time < 15 minutes 
  • Resolution time < 5 hours 
  • Customer Satisfaction – CSAT 98  
  • Client Retention rate – 99% 
  • 1,000+ Community Users  


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