Total Synergy Unveils SynergyPIM – A Revolutionary Solution for Project Information Management

Introducing SynergyPIM, a groundbreaking cloud-based solution that redefines Project Information Management. Designed to address the challenges faced by professionals in the built environment.

Sydney, 16 October, 2023 – Total Synergy, a leading provider of project and business management software for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, is thrilled to introduce SynergyPIM, a groundbreaking cloud-based solution that redefines Project Information Management. Designed to address the challenges faced by professionals in the built environment, SynergyPIM empowers users to work faster, save time, and gain unprecedented control over their projects.

Managing the vast amount of project documentation has always been a complex task in project management. Architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape designers, safety designers, and other industry professionals are constantly grappling with the need to organise and manage documents, drawings, emails, RFIs, and other critical project information. SynergyPIM is the answer to these everyday challenges, offering a comprehensive solution for collating, organising, and sharing project-based information.

“SynergyPIM represents a new era in Project Information Management,” said Scott Osborne, CEO of Total Synergy. “We understand the frustrations faced by professionals in the AEC industry when it comes to managing project information. With SynergyPIM, we aim to revolutionise the way project teams collaborate, enhance productivity, and mitigate risks. This innovative solution will empower our customers to make better decisions, keep projects on track, and ultimately drive success.”

SynergyPIM consists of three distinct modules, each designed to address specific pain points and deliver a complete project information management solution:

  1. Unified Workspace: By seamlessly integrating Synergy, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams, the Unified Workspace enables users to work collaboratively and efficiently. This module creates a cohesive ecosystem that enhances communication, streamlines workflows, and fosters collaboration among project teams.
  2. Document Control: With unparalleled control over project information, the Document Control module allows users to store, manage, track, and share project drawings and documents, with a formal Document Register, automated revision control and a detailed Transmittal Summary. This empowers teams to boost productivity, align efforts, and significantly reduce risks associated with document mismanagement.
  3. Email Management: The Email Management module enables swift saving and centralisation of project-related emails. It offers an intelligent, AI-powered Inbox Assistant that reviews emails in bulk and recommends the projects they should be filed for.

SynergyPIM is poised to revolutionise the way project teams collaborate, communicate, and manage project information. By eliminating common pain points such as version control issues, email overload, and document mismanagement, SynergyPIM empowers professionals in the AEC industry to work more efficiently, make informed decisions, and ultimately achieve project success.

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