Total Synergy announces Top 20 Community User Awards for dedication to industry collaboration

We are thrilled to announce the Total Synergy Community Awards for 2023. These awards celebrate the Top 20 Community users of the year, recognising their outstanding engagement and contribution to the AEC industry through the Total Synergy Community.

The Total Synergy Community Awards highlight the users with the highest reputation scores on the leaderboard, showcasing their dedication and expertise. Among the businesses with users in the Top 20 are renowned architectural, engineering and other AEC firms such as Solari Architects (NZ), Warren Smith & Partners (NSW), Hella EHS (VIC), Orbit Solutions (VIC), and Parking & Traffic Consultants (NSW).

The Top 20 Total Synergy Community users for 2023 are:

No.  Name  Company  Location 
1  Ruby Hickman   Solari Architects  NZ 
2  Tate Fairhurst  Warren Smith & Partners WSCE  NSW 
3  Casey Gadzinski  Helias EHS  VIC 
4  Jonathon Leverton  Orbit Solutions  VIC 
5  Churmathi Mohan  Parking & Traffic Consultants  NSW 
6  Kim Baltoski  Couvaras Architects  NSW 
7  Jon Shepherd  Peritas  WA 
8  Martin Stevens  Harrison Stevens Landscape Architecture & Urban Design  UK 
9  Taylah Van Der Ven  Warrington Fire Engineers  NSW 
10  Bodhi Tohill  Arthouse Architects  NZ 
11  Chris Dimsey  KD engineering – Klopfer Dobos   NSW 
12  Susie Price  Fowler Planning and Architecture  SA 
13  Jane Elsworth  Y2 Architecture  VIC 
14  Sophie Size  Planpac group  NSW 
15  Jessica Anderson  SCP Consulting   NSW 
16  Raj Ingole  Adelaide Structural Engineers  SA 
17  Matteo Tirapelle  Hera Engineering   WA 
18  Nikadell Gumabay  JHA Engineers  NSW 
19  Jean-Bernard Fremy  Artefact Heritage Services   WA 
20  Aaron Schintler  Studio Nine  SA 


The Total Synergy Community serves as a collaborative space for professionals in the AEC industry, providing opportunities to share ideas, collaborate, learn, and interact with colleagues and the Total Synergy team. By connecting with fellow users, sharing insights, engaging with experts, and staying updated on the latest Synergy developments, members of the community can enhance their industry knowledge and network. 

Scott Osborne, CEO of Total Synergy, expressed his enthusiasm for the Total Synergy Community Awards, stating, “We are passionate about providing platforms that contribute to the collaboration and expertise of everyone in the industry. A huge congratulations to the winners for sharing their expertise, answering industry colleagues’ queries, and actively participating in discussions.” 

“We are proud to have a vibrant and engaged Community of AEC industry professionals and Synergy users and have seen growth in our community user base by 22% since July 2023,” Osborne added.

Ruby Hickman – Project Coordinator, Solari Architects says “The Total Synergy Community is a great platform to give feedback or share ideas to the broader Community on little feature gems we have thought of to improve our experience. It feels like we are being listened to not only by Total Synergy, but also encouraged by other users who agree with our suggestions.” 

The Total Synergy Community Awards for 2023 signify Total Synergy’s commitment to fostering a supportive and knowledgeable community within the AEC industry. Through this recognition, the company aims to encourage further engagement and collaboration among its users, promoting innovation and excellence in the field. 


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