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Learn how to manage email notifications in Synergy.

#SynergyTips — Notifications

March 27th, 2018

Notifications — you’re in control of how informed you want to be

In our product update at the end of March, we put out an update to notifications. This is a great new enhancement to keep you informed and let you control how much information Synergy sends you.

Notifications are sent for notes and to-dos. Notification emails are sent for each new notification or as a daily summary.

There are two types of emailed notifications:

  • Immediate — you get an email as soon as something happens you need to know about.
  • Daily — an email with a daily summary of the items you have not yet actioned.

If you’re running a large number of projects, this could become a lot of emails, so we’ve put the control in your hands:

You can turn off the daily summary and immediate notification emails using the link in the email, or in your settings.

Learn how to manage email notifications in Synergy.

In this latest update, we’ve defaulted notifications to ON so you know they’re now an option. This is on the basis that if they’re never on, you might never find them! If you switch them off and then change your mind, you can turn them back on in your settings.

Notifications will also always show in the top right-hand-side of the Synergy settings navigation, marked red with the number of un-actioned items.

Learn how to manage email notifications in Synergy.

We don’t recommend turning off both email types, unless you habitually log into Synergy every day.

Half in, half out

What if you generally do want the notifications, but you’re getting notifications about a topic that you have no interest in?

We’ve got you covered ‚ either use the unfollow link in the email, or use the unfollow link in the notification tab in Synergy (the red number in the top right-hand-side near your profile photo).

You can stop getting notifications about that particular conversation – but you will still be notified of other conversations (unless you unfollow those as well — just one click).

Learn how to manage email notifications in Synergy.


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