Synergy product update — September 2020 — Preview team builder, Kanban board

In this release, you can preview team builder and the Kanban board. We’ve also made updates to the workflow in the work breakdown, and invoices.

NEW — Preview team builder

You can use team builder to resource your job more effectively by:

  • Assigning staff to a current team
  • Assigning roles to a stage
  • Resourcing a role

NEW — Preview Kanban board

The Kanban board gives you greater visibility into the progress of your to-dos. In this preview mode, you can:

  • Track to-dos for a stage with more granularity
  • Move to-dos across workflow columns
  • Send to-dos for review
  • Create to-dos from the Kanban board
  • Assign to-dos from the Kanban board

UPDATE — Work breakdown

In planning mode:

  • If you assign a staff in the work breakdown, you will see them in the budget
  • Similarly, if you add a staff in the budget, you will see them in the work breakdown

In delivery mode:

  • If you assign a staff in the work breakdown, you will not see this reflected in the budget
  • Add or remove staff from your work breakdown, regardless of whether you have a budget line against a task or not

UPDATE — To-do list

We’ve added a ‘Rejected’ state for work that’s not up to scratch.

UPDATE — Invoices

  • We’ve added project number to the project column to help you identify projects easier
  • You can use the project manager filter on the invoices page to see which projects are being managed by each project manager
  • We’ve changed the default address when you send invoices. This will now default to your billing address if it is listed

UPDATE — Invoice templates

  • Each office can now set up their own invoice template and use that as their default
  • If you use multiple invoice templates, the invoices page will remember the last invoice template you used

UPDATE — Reports

We’ve added a new report called ‘Tasksassigned’. You can use this report to see the progress of tasks assigned to your staff.

UPDATE — Emails

Staff and project contacts can now reply to the person who sent an invite to them.

UPDATE — Configuration

You can keep track of how many calls your business is making to the Synergy API from the configuration page.

Visit the Synergy knowledge base to see the full release notes (Synergy login required).

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