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Synergy product update — 18 October 2018 — Synergy Enterprise

October 18th, 2018

This update is a big one with the release of Synergy Enterprise — featuring advanced forecasting, resource planning and customisable security. Check out the details below.

NEW — Advanced forecasting (Synergy Enterprise)

Extending on the Business level forecasting we released in July, advanced forecasting goes further by showing revenue forecasts to project stage level. When putting a project proposal together, you can create a forecast in ‘project planning mode’ where it automates a project budget and capacity plan based on roles. Once you’re ready to add more detail or have won the project, you can switch to ‘project delivery mode’ and create a specific budget with planned stage-level invoicing based on your work breakdown.

The new Synergy forecasting and resourcing module works in a beautifully designed Gantt chart (words never normally associated with a Gantt chart) with simple drag and drop functionality and dynamic, responsive graphs for revenue.

Find out more about the new Synergy Enterprise advanced forecasting.

NEW — Resourcing (Synergy Enterprise)

Extending from capacity planning provided in Synergy Business forecasting, Synergy Enterprise resource planning enables you to allocate the appropriate resources on every stage of a project and check that all your staff are busy, but not overloaded.

In Synergy resource planning you can add and remove roles from a stage and see the individual staff member’s utilisation so you know they have capacity to work on that stage. You are able to see all your staff and their capacity levels and drill-down to see what they are working on.

The new Synergy forecasting and resourcing module works in a Gantt chart with simple drag and drop functionality and dynamic, responsive graphs for resource and business capacity.

Find out more about the new Synergy Enterprise resource planning.

NEW — Customizable security (Synergy Enterprise)

Another Synergy Enterprise feature we’ve released is customizable security. This allows system administrators to change the features or actions each user access level can perform in Synergy with a security matrix. It’s all done by checking / unchecking boxes in the matrix for each staff access level. Simple!

See the new customisable security feature.

NEW – Customizable dashboard (Synergy Enterprise)

Enterprise level gives all users a customizable dashboard. This is linked to your own organisation credentials, so all users can choose what information they want to see. Customising the dashboard is as simple as dragging the widgets into the order you want and removing the ones you don’t want. This means you get the information that’s most important to you at a glance.

NEW — Microsoft Office 365 login

Add your Office 365 account to your Synergy user profile and use the ‘social’ login option to access Synergy without having to remember a specific password. This is in addition to the Windows, Google and LinkedIn social login options.

UPDATED – Forecasting and capacity planning (Synergy Business)

The Synergy Business level forecasting and capacity planning feature has been updated with new project detail views, new colours for various stages of project planning, and two new modes for forecasting — project planning mode and project delivery mode.

UPDATED – Forecasting and resourcing reporting

Additional forecasting and resourcing tables and columns are available for use in custom Synergy reports. This means you can report on forecast and resourcing details to add additional filters or details to the report layout.

UPDATED – Project work breakdown and budget

We’ve released quite a few updates to the project work breakdown and budget features:

  • Speed improvements
  • Start and end dates
  • Stages are locked for closed projects
  • Budget mode toggle
  • Clear budget lines
  • Budget lines locked for closed stages
  • See the release notes in the help files for full details.

Minor updates

Finally, there are a series of minor updates you can read about in the release notes. Access these via the help files and go to ‘what’s new’. Minor updates include:

  • MYOB AccountRight Live Connect
  • Project start and end dates
  • Project rates
  • Invoice template bookmarks added
  • Timesheets and expenses