Introducing SynergyPIM – a new era in Project Information Management

Our latest innovation will have you working faster, give you massive time savings, and give you more control over your projects than ever before.

Managing the enormous volume of documentation is one of the most challenging areas of project management. Architects, engineers, interior designers, landscape designers, safety designers and the rest of our industry’s built environment designers face this challenge every day. From documents to drawings, emails to RFIs, every project has information that must be managed in order to keep work under control, successful, and profitable, as well as safe from – or ready for – potential litigation.

Do any of these statements sound familiar? Which is the latest version of the plan? What version did we sent to the client? I can’t keep on top of all of the emails? When did that RFI come in? It takes too long to save all our information properly.

Chances are you’re hearing or saying these things very often.

Enter SynergyPIM – our answer to the myriad of challenges you experience day-to-day while managing all of your project information.

SynergyPIM stands for Synergy Project Information Management – it’s a cloud-based solution for collating, organising, and sharing all your project-based information. Built specifically for the AEC industry, it allows you to store and easily locate project files, documents, and drawings; communicate and share information more efficiently; and make better decisions to keep projects on track.

To bring this solution to life, SynergyPIM is comprised of three 3 modules that combine to offer you a complete project information management solution:

  • Unified Workspace
  • Document Control
  • Email Management.

You can experience the full benefit of SynergyPIM by purchasing all 3 as a bundle, or customise your solution by purchasing them individually. Here’s an overview of how each can help you to better manage your projects.

Unified Workspace

The Unified Workspace module creates a seamless ecosystem between Synergy, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams, to help you work more collaboratively and efficiently.

When you create your project in Synergy, Unified Workspace automatically creates a dedicated SharePoint site for your project, ensuring that all of your information has a place to call home. Your project folder structure is automatically added, allowing you to manage your work consistently, and have your information organised the way you want it to be.

An additional – and optional – integration with Microsoft Teams gives your project team dedicated space to communicate with each other in real-time via chat, and easily share and access documents directly. No more miscommunications, lost information or disorganised teams.

Document Control

The Document Control module gives you unparalleled control over your information, with the ability to store, manage, track, and share your project drawings and documents, boosting productivity, aligning your teams, and slashing your risks.

A formal Document Register enables you to quickly and easily import and register your project documents in bulk; automatically assigning each a unique reference number as you go, giving you massive time savings and removing the need for lengthy manual registrations.

Automated revision control helps ensure you’re always working with the most up-to-date information, no matter where a document or drawing is along its lifecycle; and helps keep everyone working from the same information source. And a detailed Transmittal Summary, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing every detail is tracked and recorded, so you can see when documentation was sent and to who, what specific versions were included, and whether they’ve been downloaded.

Email Management

The Email Management module enables you to quickly save and centralise all your project emails with your project regardless of who in the team received them, so you can find the information you need, when you need it; without having to waste time searching for emails.

The Intelligent Inbox Assistant reviews your emails for you in bulk and recommends the projects you should file them to. Once filed, you’ll find a copy of your emails saved inside your project; and if you’re harnessing the power of Synergy’s Unified Workspace, you’ll see them in your SharePoint project site as well.  No more manual filing or endless searching. Every project email can be saved, recorded, and archived with your project data. And when you return to your Inbox, the Assistant has also filed away your emails in a sub folder for each project, so you can maintain a tidy and organised Inbox that helps you stay focused.

You can experience the full benefit of SynergyPIM by purchasing all 3 as a bundle, or customise your solution by purchasing them individually.

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