Harnessing Synergy People Dashboards to Drive Organisational Efficiency

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, managing and optimising human resources effectively is more critical than ever. The recent webinar presented by Hadley Milligan from Business Depot provides deep insights into the transformative power of the Total Synergy Analytics Plus People Dashboards. This blog post explores the strategic importance of these Synergy dashboards and how they can revolutionise your approach to managing personnel.

People Management through Data

During the webinar, Hadley emphasises  the significance of understanding employee utilisation rates, billing, and recovery. He pointed out, “A lot of time clients are struggling to get a good overview of utilisation rates with employees and how that flows onto billing. Even more crucial for business owners is [the aspect of] recovery.” This highlights the critical need for businesses to not just track but also analyse the efficiency of their workforce to enhance profitability.

The Role of Dashboards in Strategic Decision Making

Synergy People Dashboards are not merely about tracking metrics but are also pivotal in shaping strategic business decisions. As Hadley explains , “It’s understanding how jobs are set up, how non-billable times or non-utilised times are set up in a system, so staff are accurately reflecting what they’re doing on a day-to-day basis rather than just lumping it all against a job.” This precise data tracking aids in fine-tuning operational efficiencies and job profitability.

Utilisation and Recovery – The Core Metrics

Hadley points  out that utilisation and recovery are crucial metrics that must be accurately captured and analysed to ensure the financial health of a business. He noted, “There’s no point having your staff 100 per cent utilised billing 100 per cent of it if you’re not recovering any of it.” This insight stresses the importance of not just employee activity but also the effectiveness of that activity in terms of financial returns.

The Future of People Management

The People Dashboards offer a comprehensive overview of an organisation’s human resource utilisation, providing actionable insights that can lead to significant improvements in operational efficiency. As Hadley sums up, “By utilising Power BI, you can straight away drill down further into those transactions to really understand what’s sitting behind, it rather than going ‘Oh, I’m going to have to go back and prepare another report.’”

In conclusion, the integration of Synergy People Dashboards into your strategic decision-making process can transform how you manage, utilise, and optimise your workforce. As demonstrated in the webinar, these tools are indispensable for businesses aiming to enhance their operational efficiency and profitability through better people management. Embracing these technologies will not only streamline processes but also support a culture of transparency and accountability within your organisation.


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