Engineers Australia – ‘Thought Leaders Series: Ultimate tech stack for engineering businesses’

Total Synergy Head of Product Strategy, Paul Hemmings recently presented alongside Total Synergy partner 12d Synergy’s, Co-Founder and CEO, Joel Gregory and Business Development Manager, Sam Collison in Engineers Australia’s webinar ‘Thought Leaders Series: Ultimate tech stack for engineering businesses.’

The webinar gave insight into how engineering businesses can construct the ultimate tech stack to grow, maintain, update and optimise their business.

Paul, Joel and Sam spoke about how software is a key component of any current engineering business and how having the right software can allow for streamlined processes in each area of a business. Paul also spoke on needing to understand the requirements for a business so that engineering businesses owners can find and adopt the right solutions that meet their needs. Overall, incorporating different systems that compliment and work with each other is crucial for success for any current engineering business.

Watch the webinar – Thought leaders series: Ultimate Tech Stack for Engineering Businesses

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