"Previously, invoicing took more than a day, now it's down to about half a day. So, Synergy has more than halved the time it takes to do our invoicing... We've also saved a lot of time with timesheets."

Daniel Calder | Director, Bespoke Architects

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Daniel Calder — Bespoke Architects

More time for training

“Nicole [co-founder] and I both got given the opportunity to start our careers while we were studying… We know how important that is for development of students and getting them into the workforce early. That was our background, so we’re more than happy to provide that to other students now.”

Role/s in the business

“I handle the practice management side of the business… My business partner manages the residential portfolio. I manage the commercial portfolio.”

Efficient project tracking software

“In Synergy at the moment there’s probably active, 30 odd projects, at various stages… Synergy’s helping track all of those. Whether they’re active or on hold, setting up tasks for them, all those sorts of things.”

Smooth Xero connection

“Moving to Xero… that was one of the reasons we jumped on to Synergy as well… was due to the sending of invoices across, the connect feature that you guys have, definitely makes it easier for our bookkeeper there. When we do the invoices, we can shoot them straight across to Xero, and then our bookkeeper will process payments in Xero, and then we import them back in, so it’s a great feature.”

Greater productivity

“Definitely producing a lot more work in a shorter time span, so it does free up my time. For turnaround times, it’s definitely been beneficial.”

The complete project management solution

“Synergy has definitely saved us some headaches in project management, keeping on track of invoicing, takes us through who’s paid and who hasn’t, enables us to set tasks and enter our timesheets that talks to invoicing… Streamlines our bookkeeping really.”

Why we need Synergy

“We had a lot of active projects on the go and spreadsheets weren’t cutting it… We were using Microsoft OneNote to communicate and keep each other up-to-date with projects, where we were with invoicing, who was working on what for timesheets… We really needed a place to combine all of the information, streamline it and make it time efficient.”

Core Synergy features used by Daniel

Time saved as a result

“Previously, invoicing took more than a day, now it’s down to about half a day. So, Synergy has more than halved the time it takes to do our invoicing… We’ve also saved a lot of time with timesheets.”

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