“Synergy has given us the ability to decrease the time taken to invoice.”

Crystal Cook | Finance Manager, Contour Consulting Engineers

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Crystal Cook — Contour Consulting Engineers

Role/s in the business

Crystal was brought into the business to create change within the business’s finance and project coordination/management process for projects.


“The Synergy ‘budget versus actual’ report has been a game-changer for us. It’s meant we utilize the tasks in Synergy. We have our stages and then within those stages, any resources that are on there have budgets attached to those stages. And anyone working on a project can see them. From wherever they’re working.

“On a weekly basis, those tasks are sent out to the resources on a Friday with their budget versus actual — so that they’re analyzing all of their tasks, budget against actual, and then they need to report back to the project coordinators who then report back to the project managers. Then, on a Monday, we send out stage budget versus actuals to the project managers so they can see how those stages are running.”

Up-to-date visibility on project performance

“Now we’ve narrowed it down to every single week, our engineers are looking at how they’re tracking on their budget against their actual spending all the time.”

Why we need Synergy

“It’s being able to say, ‘Okay, this is what we budgeted for you, you need to stick to it. And if it’s not done, then where do we go from there’ — it’s about really being able to harness what we wanted out of our KPIs for our staff.

“Now that we’re running the reports and we can see how clean the data is, it works beautifully.

“There’s transparency and we can actually see what’s going on. And that goes for both the higher-level managers, and also the staff.”

Core Synergy features used by Crystal

Time saved as a result

“We were only invoicing once a month when I came on board. It would take the better part of a whole week to do that every month. We’ve now changed to fortnightly invoicing, and I firmly believe the cloud version of Synergy has given us the ability to decrease the time taken to invoice so much that we can invoice twice as often.”

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