AI drives over 90% of Total Synergy customer queries and deepens exceptional customer service

Total Synergy are proud to be the first company in Australia to adopt Intercom’s AI chatbot technology.

Leading the way in AI chat

In July 2023, Total Synergy launched it’s AI customer chat bot “Blue” and has seen increasing success with it’s ability to answer and resolve customer queries. 

Intercom, (a leading global software company that specialises in business messaging) launched their AI Technology “Fin” and made it open to businesses in June 2023.  Total Synergy embraced this innovation and became the first adopter in Asia Pacific– employing Fin to power the Total Synergy customer support chat function –creating “Blue”. 

Blue is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, the leading natural language processing technology, and proprietary machine learning technology provided by our Support system software. This allows her to quickly find and refine a response from our extensive Knowledge Base. 

“Blue” has been a huge support to answer and solve customer support enquiries, answering 90% of all queries (between 1 July and 28 August, 2023) and Total Synergy is seen an increase each month in her ability to answer and resolve queries.  

“At Total Synergy, we’re continuously trying to improve the way our customers experience the platform and connect with our team. We began the journey to implement AI long ago, knowing it would provide our customers with quick, relevant and easy to digest information instantly. We are constantly taking feedback from customers on their experience and driving better outcomes in education materials like our knowledge base. Blue also means when you do need to talk to a person, they have context, and the time to dive deeply into your requirements, so you get the best outcome every time”.
– Scott Donnelly, Head of Customer Success, Total Synergy. 

Blue is the first step in including AI into Total Synergy processes but is vital in maintaining a customer centric business model where we can help AEC professionals have more time to do the things that matter most to them.  

By harnessing the power of AI, Total Synergy has transformed customer interactions into personalised, efficient, and seamless journeys. Total Synergy believes that exceptional customer service and experience can make all the difference and by utilising AI we can give our customers back more time to do the things that matter most to them. We strive to maintain our position at the forefront of innovation by embracing emerging tools and technologies. 


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