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Total Synergy is the perfect Solution for Workflow Max customers

Workflow Max by Xero is being retired in mid 2024 and current customers will need to select an alternative option.

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The Total Synergy Solution

Total Synergy is the perfect solution for Workflow Max customers in AEC industries (architecture, engineering and construction) looking for a new solution. We do everything Workflow Max does, and more. Our key features include:


More detailed timesheets, for better reporting.


Easily customised rates, for those special projects.

Work Breakdown

Detailed Work Breakdown and WIP management.

Revenue Forecasting

Efficient planning boards.


World class support team available 24/7 by all channels.


Understanding of AEC invoicing including percentage based progress invoices, mix fixed fee and hourly rate stages.


We grow with you and offer solutions beyond project accounting including project management, resourcing, invoicing, customisable reporting and advanced business intelligence dashboards.

Trusted by 12,000+ users worldwide

Synergy business and project management logo.

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Workflow Max by Xero will be retiring soon. It’s time to switch.