Synergy September Release: Delivering new improvements to increase your efficiency

Our latest release of Synergy offers a range of enhancements to the way you report on your customer data in SynergyCRM as well as the way you work with Phases and Stages in your projects, to empower you to work more efficiently.

Have greater control over your customer data with enhanced reporting in SynergyCRM

Managing your customer data effectively isn’t easy. SynergyCRM already gives you the ability to centralise and keep track of your data. Now we’re taking it even further with enhanced reporting options to give you greater control over how you view and analyse your customer information.  

New standard reports have been added, which provide you with an easily accessible way to generate, present, and interpret important customer data. These include:  

  • CRM Stage Progress KanBan Report 
  • Opportunity Reports (grouped by Status or Project Manager) 
  • Lost Opportunity Report 
  • Most Recent Activities Report 
  • Client Statistics Report, and 
  • Next ToDo’s Report. 
Image: An example of the new Opportunity Report Grouped by Project Manager in Synergy.

We’ve also improved the Custom Report Builder so you can develop an even more personalised view of your customers. You can include the following fields when you create or edit your custom reports: 

  • Next ToDo’s 
  • Most Recent Activity 
  • CRM Statistics Fields 
  • CRM General Fields such as Close Date and Opportunity 

These enhancements allow you to develop a greater understanding of your customers, their journey with you through the sales process and beyond; and helps your business make data-driven decisions with confidence.   

If you’re not using SynergyCRM to manage your customer data, get in touch with us for a demonstration, so we can help you find more time for design.  

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Increase your efficiency with the ability to duplicate a Phase

Providing a smooth experience as you manage your projects is an important part of Synergy. We’ve received some great feedback on the way Synergy works with Phases and Stages in your project, and the ability to duplicate a Stage. You wanted us to take your Stage Management functionality even further, so we’ve enhanced it with the ability to duplicate an entire Phase – automatically including the Stages within it. This allows you to add to your project layout quickly and easily without manually re-entering the information.

Other Improvements

We’ve also added a variety of fixes to solve minor issues some customers were experiencing. You can see more detailed information about the new fixes and improvements by reading the Release Notes

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