Synergy product update — September 2021 — New SynergyHR

In this release, we have a few exciting new things (SynergyHR and Dependencies) coming your way, as well as an upgraded Outlook plugin, invoicing and project schedule, the much requested 'export project schedule to PDF' function, and more.

NEW — SynergyHR

The SynergyHR add-on for Synergy fully integrates your HR workflows into your business and practice management system. With SynergyHR we’ve created a way for you to manage leave not just in terms of payroll, but also in terms of impact on your business, so that project managers can use employee data when resourcing a project.

  • Create policies and calendars at an Organisation level.
  • Add policies and personal details to staff profiles
  • Add policies and calendars to offices in synergy.
  • Request and manage leave and track availability

Enable SynergyHR in your organisation’s subscription page!

NEW — Dependencies

  • Link each stage to up to five stages in the project schedule; select the stages’ predecessor and up to four successors in the right-hand panel. Read more
  • When moving or extending stage dates all the linked stages will move accordingly and keep their spacing
  • Move tasks to snap stages and retain dependency links
  • The project planning board will also show the dependent stages
  • Add dependencies to your project templates to save time when creating projects

NEW — Outlook Add-in

  • The Outlook add-in has a new and fresher look — Read more
  • Predicted projects based on the subject line will now appear in the sidebar — Read more
  • A new attachments folder can be added in the project folders section to separate your attachments from your emails
  • Once enabled, you will be able to direct attachments to that folder within the add-in menu
  • The emails saved can be downloaded with attachments or as text
  • Once an email has been filed a category will be marked against it, making it easy to see which emails have already been stored

UPDATE — Reporting

  • The new ‘Resourcing Estimates Date Range’ filter means you will be able to see the hours a staff member is resourced within a period of time

UPDATE — Invoicing

  • In configuration settings, set an ‘invoice lock date’ that means no invoices or credits can be created before that date in the month
  • Attachments can now be added directly to the invoices in Synergy, making it easier than ever to keep all your invoice documents in one place
  • Add or remove attachments when sending your invoices

UPDATE — Project Schedule

  • In the project schedule, you will now have the option to export the project and its timeline to a pdf or to a Microsoft project — Read more

UPDATE — Fixes + improvements

  • When invoicing bill amounts it will show all units being invoiced instead of one unit for the entire bill
  • An audit log will now be available on the configuration page
  • When over-allocating on resources in the schedule, the box will turn red, and you won’t be able to save until the resourcing is correct

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