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Synergy product update — September 2021 — New SynergyHR

September 17th, 2021

In this release, we have a few exciting new things (SynergyHR and Dependencies) coming your way! We’ve upgraded our Outlook plugin and added some new features that make filing your emails in the correct place seamless. We’ve also worked hard to update how key features like invoicing and the project schedule operate and added the much requested ‘export project schedule to PDF’ option. Read all about the changes below!

NEW — SynergyHR

The SynergyHR add-on for Synergy fully integrates your HR workflows into your business and practice management system. With SynergyHR we’ve created a way for you to manage leave not just in terms of payroll, but also in terms of impact on your business, so that project managers can use employee data when resourcing a project.

Enable SynergyHR in your organisation’s subscription page!

NEW — Dependencies

NEW — Outlook Add-in

UPDATE — Reporting

UPDATE — Invoicing

UPDATE — Project Schedule

UPDATE — Fixes + improvements