Synergy product update — November 2020 — Update to Kanban

In our November 2020 release, we’ve continued to make improvements to Kanban. We’ve also made enhancements to Team builder as well as some smaller updates we hope you find useful.

UPDATE — Kanban

  • We’ve added a ‘Search staff’ function when assigning staff to a to-do. This list updates as you type, making the Kanban board easier to use.
  • Screen real estate is essential when managing large projects. Now you can minimize the unassigned pane in the Kanban board.
  • If you have multiple offices, you can filter to-dos by office.
  • You can now view your Kanban board by date. This is useful when you’re managing your to-dos on a daily basis.
  • To-dos that are ‘in review’ on the Kanban board now show up as yellow.
  • If you need a to-do to commence on a particular day, use the new ‘start date’ field. This makes it even easier to manage your to-dos.

UPDATE — Team builder

  • If you’d like a resource to work on a project for 15 hours a week for the duration of a stage, you can go ahead and set that up.
  • If you’ve added too many resources to a stage to see different team configurations, you can now clear all resourcing and start with a clean slate.

UPDATE — Smaller enhancements

  • You can now see the resourcing graph in a weekly format.
  • The revenue of any invoice stage is now spread across the time and expenses held within the stage. Where possible, the value of expenses is maintained.

Visit the Synergy knowledge base to see the full release notes (Synergy login required).

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