Synergy product update – March 2022 – Updates to invoicing, resource planning, document register

You’re in luck! In the lead up to St Patrick’s Day, we bring you exciting updates to invoicing, the resource planning board (add and move hours easier), and the document register (package documents as ZIP files).

UPDATE – Invoicing    

  • Credit Return to WIP is now available on invoices that include pre-billed stages. Read more

UPDATE – Resource Planning   

  • Add a full week of resourced hours for a staff member on a project with a single click, using the new ‘Add’ button. This is featured at the beginning or end of their resourced period
  • Transfer hours from one staff member to another in resource planning

UPDATE – Project Schedule  

  • There’s a new confirmation pop-up when setting a staff member to 0 hours in project planning

UPDATE – SharePoint Document Control  

  • Document or project folder names that are changed in Synergy will now automatically update in SharePoint
  • Delete documents in both Synergy and SharePoint with a single click in the document library

UPDATE – Document register   

  • Download multiple documents (up to four) as a ZIP file to your local machine from the project documents page. Read more  
  • A copy of the ZIP file will be saved in the staff member’s ‘Temporary documents’

UPDATE – Transmittals   

  • The Revision date will now be the latest updated date for the document

UPDATE – Project performance  

  • You can now filter the Project performance page by Stage Manager

UPDATE – Other enhancements

  • Performance enhancements to the resource planning board have been made for faster loading times
  • Transmittal emails will include the subject and message in the body text when sent out
  • MYOB contact import will now import contacts with all the personnel under that company in Synergy
  • ‘Team staff is Default’ has been re-named to ‘Team staff is Primary’ in the ‘Team’ report type in Synergy reporting

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