Synergy product update — June 2021 — Synergy CRM

Our last release of the financial year may just be the biggest! Jam packed with new things (Synergy CRM!), updated things, and performance improvements to make your day-to-day smoother. It's all about #moretimefordesign 

NEW — Synergy CRM

Manage your opportunities through the sales cycle with this powerful tool. Synergy CRM is free until July 1, 2021.

  • Add new opportunities and take them through the sales cycle.
  • Set targets for your teams and personnel.
  • Get rich data about the companies you’re managing opportunities for.
  • Gain deeper understanding of trends in win/loss reporting.
  • Use Kanban to-dos + opportunity details to get down to the granular level of your sales process.

Enable Synergy CRM in your organisation’s subscription page!

UPDATE — Work Breakdown

  • In the project details page, choose whether to ‘view’ or ‘edit’ the work breakdown. ‘View’ is read-only – for when you need to check details rather than make any changes.

UPDATE — Rate Groups

  • Set a default rate group per office.

UPDATE — Revenue Forecasting

  • Chose to remove all forecasted monthly values when you move from linear to custom distribution (rather than manually removing each).

UPDATE — Internal Project

  • Include the cost centre and discipline from your internal project stages for when you connect to you accounting packages.

UPDATE — Fixes + improvements

  • Significantly improved performance in the work breakdown.
  • The invoice API endpoint now includes the ‘Invoice Audit’.
  • The transactions API endpoint now includes the expense type (e.g., mileage).
  • Fixed an issue where staff custom fields were always blank when generated in document templates.
  • The headers on the ‘Project financials’ and ‘Transactions’ screens are now fixed when you scroll.
  • You’ll now be notified (via email) when emails/messages/invoices you send to your clients bounce or cannot be sent.
  • Fixed an issue where, when searching for a team on the resource planning board, only primary team members showed (now it shows everyone in that team)

UPDATE — Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where unsuccessful stages were included on the revenue forecasting screen.

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