Synergy product update — July 2020 — Timesheet Admin, Synergy Premium API, two-factor authentication

In this release, we’re giving your administration staff the ability to submit timesheets on behalf of your team. This means they can enter in any missing timesheets, or correct any timesheet entries that have been entered in the wrong project, for example.

NEW — Timesheet Admin — Manage timesheets for others

When you enable ‘Manage timesheets for others’ in the Configuration page, any staff (for example, administration) with the selected security access level can now add time, travel expenses and cash expenses for other members in their organization.

We’ve also made it easy for those entering time and expenses on behalf of their colleagues to select the right team member, with profile pictures in the drop-down list.

Read the blog on managing timesheets for others by Synergy’s product manager, Paul Hemmings.

NEW — Synergy Premium API

Synergy Premium API enables your organization to make 1,500 calls per day (your organization can make 300 calls per day, for free, as part of Synergy’s open API). You can purchase Synergy Premium API from the Subscriptions page.

NEW — Two-factor authentication (optional)

You can now enable two-factor authentication for added security for your Synergy account. This means there are two checks in place to verify your identity whenever you log in to Synergy.

UPDATE — Work breakdown

If you have over 100 stages on a project, you’ll appreciate the improved load time and pagination.


MYOB users can now sync invoices to asset accounts.

Visit the Synergy knowledge base to see the full release notes (Synergy login required).


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