Synergy product update — January 2021 — Timesheet Auto-Approvals

We kick off 2021 with the release of Timesheet Auto-Approvals. We’ve also made updates to Timesheet Approvals, resourcing and the planning board, Kanban, project templates and more.

NEW — Timesheet Auto-Approvals

You can now set rules to auto-approve timesheets based on factors such as staff resourcing, total time and cash and travel expenses. You can dynamically see why timesheets haven’t been auto-approved, to pick up timesheet errors quickly and fix them on-the-go.

UPDATE — Timesheet Approvals

  • Approve single days/timesheets/expenses without locking the whole week
  • Managers can un-approve individual transactions
  • See if your approved timesheets were auto approved (including bills, office expenses, etc.)
  • See which transactions were approved by a manager

UPDATE — Pre-billing

  • See the list of invoice stages even without WIP selected

UPDATE — Resourcing and the planning board

  • We’ve introduced resourcing notes — add small notes at a resource or unassigned role level to better communicate within your resourcing team
  • Filter resourcing by Teams
  • Open a singular project schedule from the right-side menu in the planning board

UPDATE — Kanban

  • We’ve made performance improvements to to-do load times
  • Only see to-dos that are done in the last week
  • Get a notification when a to-do is ready for review

UPDATE — Project templates

  • Copy a project to turn it into a project template (including work breakdown fees, budgets and resourcing)

UPDATE — More enhancements

  • Your notifications are now limited to the organisation you’re logged into
  • We fixed an issue with overtime rate changes requiring a manual update to being default on timesheets
  • Timesheets summary page now defaults to showing all timesheets (not just incomplete)
  • Project list on the timesheets page is now sorted by project number
  • We fixed an issue with travel expense rates where rate changes would not update the totals
  • We’ve improved invoicing performance
  • Filter the transactions page by stages

Visit the Synergy knowledge base to see the full release notes.

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