Synergy product update — February 2020 — win/loss, reporting filters, new security level, weekly resourcing, SharePoint

The February Synergy product update brings a range of new and updated things. We have a new win/loss panel, updated reports that allow you to filter by project status and a new filter type, a new security access level to allow better permissions for your admin staff, and we’re excited to introduce the next iteration of our time-saving changes to the planning board.

NEW — Win/loss panel

The win/loss panel in the dashboard allows directors, assistant administrators* and system administrators to compare how many projects they’ve won compared to what they’ve lost or proposed.

(*See new security access level below)

UPDATE — Reporting 

To accompany the win/loss panel, you can also filter by status change in your project and stage reports.

We created three new standard reports related to win/loss:

  • Project — list by status — won. This report uses filters to display your projects considered won within a set timeframe.
  • Project — list by status — lost. This report uses filters to display your projects considered unsuccessful within a set timeframe.
  • Project — list by status — proposed. You guessed it, this report uses filters to display your proposed projects within a set timeframe.

NEW — Security access level — assistant administrator

We added the new security access user level called ‘assistant administrator’. This allows for support and administrative staff to have more control over the things they need without directors feeling too much sensitive information is available. This access type is similar to system administrator but with the following pages (containing sensitive organizational information) hidden:

  • Actual costs
  • Organization configuration
  • Financial controls
  • Rates
  • Overtime rates
  • Taxes
  • Other staff details

UPDATE — Document folder administration

If you make changes to your project documents folder template, you can apply these changes to your existing projects with a click of a button.

UPDATE — Planning board — weekly planning

This is the next iteration of week-level resourcing in the planning board. We have a lot more exciting developments coming for this over the next few months.

In the planning board, Synergy Enterprise users can now progress from long-term capacity planning, to resourcing at a more granular level. Instead of simply applying a resource to the team on a stage in delivery mode, you can now specify different levels of effort at different times across the stage.

  • Adjust the resourcing using Gantt style drag and drop
  • Assign resources for a segment of time during a stage
  • Assign a resource multiple times during a stage
  • Refine an individual’s resourcing down to the effort in a single week

NEW — SharePoint integration

If you enable this option, when you create a new project, Synergy will generate the document folder structure in both Synergy and SharePoint. The SharePoint folder is for your working documents, and the Synergy folder is for the immutable copy of your shared, version-controlled documents.

You can also open your SharePoint working-folder right from your Synergy project documents folder.

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