Synergy product update — December 2020 — Timesheet Approvals

We round off 2020 with the release of the highly requested Timesheet Approvals. We’ve also made updates to the Kanban board, planning board, revenue forecasting and reports.

NEW — Timesheet Approvals

Timesheet Approvals lets you keep track of what staff have worked on, approve their work or send it back to them for review, ensuring full confidence when you invoice. You can also report on outstanding unapproved work using the new ‘Missing Timesheets’ report.

UPDATE — Planning board

  • All views now show the project number
  • Search by project number
  • Hover over lengthy stage names to see them in full

UPDATE — Revenue forecasting

  • Update a stage’s fee in the revenue forecast
  • Edit stage start and end dates in the right panel on the screen

UPDATE — Kanban board

  • Filter down the Kanban board to show to-dos assigned at a project/stage/task level
  • Once filtered to task level, use the left panel to create another to-do
  • Report on ‘reviewed’ status of to-dos

UPDATE — Teams

  • Report on teams in the to-dos report
  • Use the Excel import to add your staff into teams

Visit the Synergy knowledge base to see the full release notes.

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