Synergy product update – August 2022 – Updates to SynergyHR and preview of SynergyAnalytics

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We are all reliant on our people to achieve business success. Synergy has evolved its HR suite to enable far greater ability to manage your resource planning and timesheet accuracy. This comprehensive upgrade will lead to greater success in project management and people management.

SynergyHR Upgrade


By intentionally allocating time for growth, employees become more invested in themselves and the success of the company. While personal development can be seen as a long term investment, the initial time taken to attend training or events can impact current projects if it is not clear when resource planning. Synergy has now improved its visibility on an employees available and unavailable periods. Whether it be 2 hours, 2 days or 2 weeks, you can be more granular than ever when tracking and managing your resources.

Additionally, we’ve added a new leave calendar that enables you to view when individuals are away. This calendar saves time by enabling you to easily view your team’s absences well in advance, manage your project’s resource needs, and guarantee project success. You can manage beyond your team and search by office, discipline, or any other manner to find out who is available while being fully aware of scheduled holiday periods.


We know that updating timesheets is quite easy to forget. To help with this, Synergy now automatically schedules leave time into timesheets and availability calendar. As a result, when staff return after a long weekend, they turn in accurate timesheets.

Advanced Reporting

You can now access a new suite of HR reports and build a number of bespoke reports using new advanced reporting. For those with HR permissions, Synergy now allows deeper level reporting into your employees for managing company and employee sensitive information.

Our advanced reporting expands into Credentials Reporting enabling project leaders to be able to find the ideal people for their unique projects. Again enabling greater levels of project success.

Leave Policies

As governments enact various legislation and work-from-home and remote employment situations become more prevalent, businesses are under more pressure than ever to create effective leave policies. These conditions also make it extremely difficult for firms to properly negotiate employee contracts and policies. With the potential to be used for numerous individuals, teams, or offices at simultaneously, Synergy now provides a significantly more sophisticated leave management capacity. ensuring that the applications of your policies to your people are both accurate and prompt.

Synergy Analytics Launches in Preview

Synergy Analytics enables our customers to take a view across their business, navigate through the data, and make smarter business decisions. This view can range from a bird’s eye view to a thorough evaluation. All of our customers may now use Synergy Analytics in preview mode, which launches with an interactive set of dashboards on your Business, Finance, Sales, Projects, and People.

Making decisions for your organisation is a serious matter, and so, we have decided to open up access to this feature as a preview to everyone as part of our commitment to the success of our customers and our goal to make Synergy Analytics an essential component of your business success. This preview allows all customers to gain access to these new exciting capabilities and then engage with us via Synergy Community and your Customer Success Manager.

Continuous success depends on knowing your business, its finances, and project performance. Is your invoicing accurate? Is there a shortfall on invoicing due to project performance? How much revenue is locked up? Do you run the risk of losing revenue from work done? How are your disciplines performing? Do you have projects that are at risk?

You need to assess your sales pipeline and sales activity going forwards. Do you exert enough effort each month? Do you generate enough business? Are you successful in landing jobs?

For your employees, you have to make sure you’re getting the most out of them while always managing towards your primary goals.

As your trusted business partner, we want to work with you to move your business to the next level to give you #MoreTimeForDesign.

To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be glad to customise a solution for you.

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