Synergy product update – April 2022 – Updates to document management, project boards and improved performance

The newest update is a result of feedback from customers, with the product managers listening closely to what they want in a document management system. The update includes a number of new features that give users more control over their documents and make it easier for them to find the information they need.

Document Management 

Synergy is a document management tool that has been designed to help users manage their documents in an easy and efficient way. Synergy seamlessly integrates with Microsoft SharePoint, so you can reduce administration work and easily automate version control. Organise your Document Register with maximum transparency and efficiency by simply dragging and dropping the document over the file you want to replace to create a revision. Click here to open the knowledge base.

Document control is a critical process for ensuring that the correct version of any document is used in any particular situation. When viewing your documents, you can see a new ‘View’ that displays their number and title. You can also edit these fields when opening a document, and from there, you will see the name of who last revised a document and when they uploaded it.

Document locking and rollback are two other significant features in Synergy that help you manage your documents. When your file is finalised and ready to send to the client, you can enable the locking feature to prevent anyone from uploading a revised version. You can easily revert back to a previous version of a document using the rollback feature. Once you rollback a document the last file will be restored. Integrating Synergy and SharePoint significantly improves document management in your business.

For customers who haven’t set up the integration with Microsoft SharePoint, you can easily enable this add-on from your Synergy subscription page or chat with our Customer Success Managers for more information.

Organise your Projects 

Customers voted on how to improve sorting projects on our community board. As a result, we’ve added Project Board filters to help you find the information you need. The new filter is available across the Planning Board, Resourcing, and Forecasting pages. To organise or arrange the projects, you can use more than one filter. You may now filter by unassigned roles, project type, and Stage Status, for example. Click here to open the knowledge base.

Customers who have not yet joined our community board can do so by clicking here and logging in using their single Synergy login. We look forward to hearing from you!

Better Performance 

Improved performance allows you to generate invoices faster than ever before. We’ve also improved the speed with which we can retrieve invoice data through the Synergy API, which we use to connect with your existing accounting system, such as Xero, Sage 50cloud, and others. You can transmit essential data between your applications via this API connection, without leaving Synergy. You can generate an invoice to your client reflecting the project status and business requirements based on the data (i.e. timesheet) you enter into Synergy. You can operate more efficiently and successfully if you have accurate data. Paying your bills on time can help you increase your cash flow. You can also customise the templates for your project creation down to the Stage and Task levels. All you have to do is enter the budget into the appropriate template, and your bespoke project will be ready in less than 5 seconds! More proposals will enable you to take advantage of more business opportunities. We’ve also improved the speed with which you may generate Transmittals, regardless of how large your project files are.

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