Synergy product update — April 2020 — weekly resourcing, updates to reports

From the depths of self-isolation and working-from-home, we’re delighted to bring you another product update. This month, we build on weekly resourcing in the planning board, and we’ve also made a few small updates to reports, to give you more value.

NEW — Weekly resourcing

In an Excel-like grid environment, you’re now able to manually update the hours for your resource in the planning board, one week at a time.

Read the April 2020 product update blog by product manager Paul Hemmings.

UPDATE — Planning board and schedule — Tooltips — budget indicator

If you want to check how your resource plan is looking for the rest of your stage compared to your budget, the information and icons in the tooltip will show you how you’re tracking.

UPDATE — Availability calculations

We’ve updated availability calculations now that availability is explicitly managed in the planning board.

UPDATE — Reports

Grouping and sorting

You’re now able to group your reports by four. That’s four levels of grouping — giving you added flexibility to report on what you want, how you want.

Merge row duplicates

This update is designed to reduce ambiguity when it comes to reporting.

Introducing the new ‘distinct’ option — if any of your report columns marked with this function have the same value across rows, Synergy will merge those rows together.

Staff filter in reports

We’ve added an autofill function in the staff filter in reports, that searches for who you’re looking for, as you type in the field.

To-dos report

We’re excited to present to you the new to-dos report. You’re now able to view a list of all to-dos and filter them by due or completed date. This is designed to help you keep on top of your tasks better.

UPDATE — Bills

Multi-office organizations can attach bills to offices in Synergy. One benefit is when synching these bills to MYOB and using tracking categories (in the future for Xero and QBO), these bills will have the office tracking categories attached.

Visit the Synergy knowledge base to see the full release notes (Synergy login required).

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