Synergy product update — 29 July 2019 — Update to project performance

This month's product update brings a few enhancements to Synergy project performance. After releasing the new feature a month ago to wide acclaim, we've taken the immediate feedback on-board and made some enhancements to improve the function. We've also updated the stage details page in the work breakdown.

And finally, an enhancement for project managers, the dashboard now shows the information related to only your projects, and you can see the relevant details when an invoice is written off.

UPDATE — performance widget (aka ‘the thin red line’)

We’ve added a red line to the slider controls in earned value management to show if there are stage that are critically over time. The longer the line, the later the stage is. It’s a visual ‘yikes!’ indicator.

UPDATE — Performance sidebar

Since invoicing is a major component of your star-rating, you can now see your invoice performance index at the project level in the slide-in panel.

UPDATE — Project health star rating

The invoice performance index no longer includes your aged WIP 0-30 days (or the equivalent value, if customised) when calculating your star rating. This makes it easier to get more stars.

UPDATE — Stage details page

You can now see when a stage’s status bar was set to 100 percent complete.


We also posted updates to the dashboard and transaction write-off. Check the help files for details.

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