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Synergy product update — 29 April 2019 — Multi-currency invoicing

April 29th, 2019

Our April 2019 product update is a big one as we release a new feature — multi-currency invoicing — and a major update to the forecasting and resourcing planning board — staff availability planner.

NEW — Multi-currency invoicing

Architecture, engineering and construction design businesses based in one country often do project work in other countries. Sending invoices in your home currency doesn’t suit your overseas customers, suppliers or partners.

Synergy multi-currency invoicing solves this problem by allowing you to create invoices in a foreign currency. Synergy lets you choose fixed or variable exchange rates but doesn’t worry about exchange rate fluctuations when it comes to showing payments. This is perfect for project managers who see completed payments without worrying about exchange rates. Directors, CFOs or financial officers can handle exchange rate fluctuations in their connected accounting software.

Read about the new multi-currency invoicing feature here or login to Synergy to read the help files on how it works.


UPDATED — Availability planner (planning board — forecasting and resource planning)

When resource planning for projects, there’s always the tricky proposition of people’s availability. It would be great to have all staff on design projects utilised at 100 percent, but that’s not realistic. Staff take leave, they go to conferences and seminars, they might be involved in research projects and lots of other activities that make them unavailable.

This is something a project manager needs to know when planning resources for project delivery. Synergy solves this by allowing staff to request to be unavailable — for their manager to approve (optional) — or for their manager to set someone as unavailable. This is then shown on the project planning board Gantt chart.

Note: this is not an HR management function for annual leave, this is simply about your staff member’s availability to do project work.

The availability planner lets project managers quickly and accurately plan their project resources. They can see if and when there may conflict in not having the right resources available and can approve unavailability based on capacity to do the work and meet deadlines.

Read more about the availability planner here or login to Synergy to access the help files.