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Synergy product update — 25 March 2019 — Timesheets daily notes

March 22nd, 2019

This release might seem like a small one, but everyone knows that big things come in small packages!

New — Timesheets daily notes

Introducing timesheets daily notes. This brings a significant — and highly requested — enhancement to how you record time against your jobs. You can now enter notes for each day’s time entry. And, what’s more, we’ve updated the mobile view of the timesheet entry screen — now it’s nice to use on your mobile while you’re out and about.

What we’ve added

  • A streamlined interface allows you to easily move between days
  • Daily note entries save when you switch from one day to the next
  • When a blue time entry is shown, it means a daily note is attached to it
  • Preview the daily note in a tooltip when you hover over the text
  • The restyled mobile design makes it easier to register your time where ever you are

Why use it

Timesheet daily notes are useful when a client questions you about the work you are invoicing them for. Some clients even insist that a timesheet report is attached to your invoice. Daily notes help you remember what you did on any task on any day.

If you want to find out more about this handiest of updates, check out the blog interview with our product manager Paul Hemmings.

Or you can watch this video:


Updated — optimised timesheets project selector

The other update we’re bringing in this release is a performance improvement to the project selector for our customers with high volumes of projects. The number of items displayed in the projects list is now capped to 50 projects. However, you can simply refine your search using the autocomplete function in the project name field. All you have to do is start typing the name you’re looking for and the list will sort to a shortlist. We did this to help customers who literally have thousands of projects in their selector list (4000, to be precise).

To read the full release notes, login to Synergy, head to the help files (from the profile menu) and click ‘what’s new’.