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Synergy product update — 22 March 2020 — updates to reports

March 23rd, 2020

Hot on the heels of the February release, we have another rapid update, this time focusing on updates to Synergy reports. 

In this release:

Staff charge out rate report  

You can report on rate variation type with true/false filters. With this report, you can now specify with any number of combinations.  

Role column added to contacts  

You can now list the role in any of your contact reports, add the role name as a column, and filter or group by role.  

Merge duplicate rows — grouping and report totals/duplicate row totals  

You can total columns in complex reports with the new ‘merge duplicate total’ function. When editing the column of a report, the totals drop-down has now been split into two allowing you to control what functions are used in the grouping and report total columns separately to those for the merged duplicate rows. 

Export to Excel with grouping  

If you export to Excel regularly, you will love how we improved the export function to handle grouped rows — it’s easier to get the data to create pivot tables. When your reports include groupings and you export, your CSV file will show the groupings as new columns.  

MYOB tracking categories  

If you use MYOB (Aus/NZ) and have ever needed to track revenue by office, we’ve incorporated tracking categories into the MYOB add-on.