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Synergy product update — 06 June 2018 — Update to invoices

June 7th, 2018

We’re always working to update Synergy — today we put out a minor release with changes to invoices, Excel import, Xero add-on, and timesheets.

We’re always working to improve Synergy and this week we put out a minor release with updates to the following:


Updated invoice templates with extra grouping and filtering options including fee detail table grouping options and transaction table filtering options. Plus, updates to options in the stage pop-up when creating a draft invoice.

Xero add-on for Synergy

Filtering options for invoice payments to control what data is exported, and custom fields shown in the preview.

Excel import

Projects import from Excel has been updated to handle advanced project numbers.

Use this to import projects from your previous system to Synergy when getting started. Import projects with their previous project numbers — including the prefix and suffix details.


Easier entry of timesheets with updated wider drop-down lists.