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Part 5

Project management for built environment businesses — Project performance

Welcome to part five, the final in our series of whitepapers on project management for built environment designers. In this five-part series, we’ve focused on the key challenges architecture, engineering and construction design (AEC) businesses face when managing their projects.

Here we’re getting down to brass tacks with project performance — how to make sure you’re tracking projects properly, what needs to be in place so you can do that, and why it’s so important for your business success.

If you haven’t read parts one, two, and three, and four you can get into them here:

What’s in the book?

  • Tradition is not your friend why ‘the way you’ve always done it’ is getting in the way of your project performance.
  • Moving from data-collection to data-analysis how an effective project management system enables you to manage instead of administrate your projects.
  • Kanban, to-dos, and checklists  the tools and systems you need to close the project performance loop.
  • If project performance is sliding is it just this project? A systemic planning problem? Or is it a matter of scope? How to use your project performance data to pinpoint any problems.


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