Part 2

Project management for built environment businesses — Proper portfolio planning

Welcome to part two of our series on project management. In this five-part series, we’re focusing on the key challenges architecture, engineering and construction design (AEC) businesses face when managing design projects for the built environment.

Here we’re zooming out to take a look at the importance of portfolio planning to your project management. We’re going macro to see its impact on the micro, and how actually, you can’t understand one properly without the other. Especially when it comes to AEC industry projects.

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What’s in the guide?


The importance of a single-point system how disparate, unlinked systems play havoc with your AEC business and project management, and what to do about it.



Opportunity mapping what it is, why you need it to effectively manage your business and projects, and how to do it.




Knowing cost to realise profitthe importance of knowing your specific staff costs in order to predict your profit.



The vital link between planning and forecasting how your systems need to respond to each other in order to cope with reality that AEC projects change. All the time.


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