December Update: Introducing Synergy’s Payment Applications

We’ve been working on further enhancements to Synergy’s financial workflows so we can empower you to better manage your projects. Delivering the next step in these enhancements, we’re excited to introduce the ability to generate and send Payment Applications.


Generate Payment Applications to send to Clients 

Generating a Payment Application is a common and often necessary part of managing a financially successful project. Synergy now offers you the ability to generate a dedicated Payment Application to send to your client as part of a more efficient and streamlined financial workflow. 

From within a draft invoice, you’ll now be able to both assign a draft status to indicate where you are in your process, and include an application number. Then, you can generate a Payment Application document. 

Image: The updated draft invoice screen, with new fields for the Draft Status and Application Number. 

This new functionality gives you an easier way to verify that your invoice details are accurate before sending a final invoice. For example, you may be progress billing and spreading your fees over the length of the project to reflect the percentage of work done. Sending a Payment Application from Synergy will allow you to confirm the payment details and align on the progress of your project with your client, to avoid any miscommunication and them potentially rejecting an invoice or delaying payments 

Image: An example Payment Application document generated from Synergy using the new Payment Application feature.

Other Improvements 

We’ve also added a variety of fixes and improvements. For a full list of changes introduced in this release you can download the release notes below.  

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