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Find out what Synergy customers get from using Synergy in their architecture, engineering or construction design businesses. We’ve asked Synergy customers — from business managers to project managers, directors and owners — how Synergy helps them find more time for design, work-life-balance, client relationships, family, and more. Use the filter below to see Synergy customers based on role and location. Each Synergy customer profile links through to a blog interview where they talk about their full Synergy user experience.

Cameron Jackson

Director - WGA

A graduate from RMIT with nearly 3 decades experience as a Consulting Structural & Civil Engineer, Cameron currently leads a team of over 60 people in the WGA Melbourne branch.

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Steven Hayes

Information Systems Manager - Klein

Steven is Klein’s information systems manager and the technical lead on their implementation of Synergy cloud software.

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Sam Liptrott

Director - OFR Consultants

Sam is a director of consulting engineering firm OFR Consultants, in London.

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Kat Lethbridge

Kat Lethbridge

Studio Operations Manager - Cera Stribley Architects

Kat is the studio operations manager of Cera Stribley Architects, an architectural practice in Prahran, Victoria.

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Abbey Scott

Project Coordinator – Alexander Symonds

After being the receptionist at Alexander Symonds for 13 years, Abbey has stepped into a project coordinator role.

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Joanne Craig

Finance Manager - Extent Heritage

Joanne Craig is Extent Heritage's finance manager, overseeing the balances and budgets of the highly skilled team of advisors across Australia and the Asia Pacific.

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Crystal Cook

Finance Manager - Contour Consulting Engineers

Crystal is the finance manager for Contour, a consulting engineering firm, with two offices in Queensland.

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Yiannis Pericleous

Yiannis Pericleous

Partner and Design Manager - A. J. Pericleous

Yiannis is partner, and design manager, for A. J. Pericleous, a civil engineering consultancy based in Cyprus.

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Mark Rigoni - Indesco South Coast

Mark Rigoni

Principal Civil Engineer - Indesco South Coast

Mark is a principal civil engineer of Indesco South Coast, a leading engineering consultancy in Australia.

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Jo Garretty — Director, Salt3

Jo Garretty

Director - Salt³

Jo is the director of Salt³, a specialist traffic and waste engineering consultancy, with offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

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Liam Massey, Associate Director, HBL Associates.

Liam Massey

Director - HBL Associates

Liam is a director of HBL Associates, an engineering consultancy in the UK.

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Logan McLennan is the ground testing business manager of RDCL, a geotechnical engineering firm in New Zealand.

Logan McLennan

Business Manager - RDCL Geospecialists

Logan is the ground testing business manager of RDCL, a geotechnical engineering firm in New Zealand.

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Mike Darwell is the director of John Coward Architects in the UK.

Mike Darwell

Director - John Coward Architects

Mike Darwell is a director of John Coward Architects, an architectural practice in the UK.

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Rob McGowan is the founding director of STRUCTURE, a small structural engineering practice in Sydney, New South Wales.

Rob McGowan

Founding Director - STRUCTURE

Rob is the founding director of STRUCTURE, a small structural engineering practice in Sydney.

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James Turner is sole owner of, and consulting structural engineer for J Turner Design in the UK.

James Turner

Structural Engineer - J Turner Design

James is a sole owner and consulting structural engineer of J Turner Design in the UK.

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Daniel Calder is the director of Bespoke Architects in Victoria, Australia.

Daniel Calder

Director - Bespoke Architects

Daniel is a director of Bespoke Architects, an architectural practice in Victoria, Australia.

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Renee Clarke - Clapham Landscapes

Renee Clarke

Studio Manager - Clapham Landscape Architecture

Renee is the studio manager of Clapham Landscape Architecture in Windsor, Victoria.

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Chris Lelliott is the director of MVL Architects and Surveyors in the UK.

Chris Lelliott

Director - MVL Architects

Chris Lelliott is a director of MVL Architects and Surveyors in the UK.

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Brett Lucchesi is the managing director of Cenit Structural Engineers in Perth, Western Australia.

Brett Lucchesi

Managing Director - Cenit

Brett is MD of Cenit, a small consulting structural engineering practice in Perth, Western Australia.

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Wonderful product and even better customer service

Reviewed on 28 Mar 2018
by Administrator in Civil Engineering

"Synergy is a one-stop shop. It's a central go-to hub that I have open on my desktop all day. I can access client details, view my projects, invoice clients, track my time and so much more. But Synergy's best attribute has to be their people and commitment to their customers. Their assistance during set -up and thereafter has been second to none. They are always prompt in responding to queries and even follow up to see how things worked out. 5 stars!"

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A great product and absolutely fantastic customer service

Reviewed on 20 Mar 2018
by Mike D.

"Flexibility of the product to adapt to suit our established working patterns. The technical support during the trial period and then again after subscription has been absolutely first class. Help has been provided on demand (very quickly) to not just answer software related questions but also to assist us in transferring our established practices such as invoicing, project numbering, project..."

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Everyday user of Total Synergy

Reviewed on 02 Apr 2018
by Administrator in Design

"Total Synergy cloud version is user friendly and intuitive, the Knowledge/Help files are informative and can usually resolve any issue I have, and if not, the team support is prompt and helpful. I love the timesheet and timer features for accurate recording of project hours."

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