April Update: Improving the way you work with Synergy

We’ve been working to introduce a range of improvements that will make your experience working with Synergy better. This month, we're introducing more control to the way you work with Bills and Document Templates.

Bill Improvements

Bills have now been added to the Security Matrix, so you have greater oversight over who can read, create, edit, and unlock them. Synergy Enterprise customers also have the ability to edit those settings to control how the Bills workflow is administered within your firm, and who by.

Document Template Improvements

We’ve introduced the ability to add a Transaction table to your Project Document Templates. The Transaction Tables, which were previously only available to your Invoice Documents, now have additional Stage information available to be included through bookmarks, including the Stage name, total number of units, total charge, and total tax.

Settings Page Improvements and UI Changes

We’ve made updates to some of the Settings Pages to make it easier to review, edit, add, and search. Simply hover over the line you are reviewing, and an edit icon will appear at the end of the row. Clicking the icon will allow you to edit the data directly without taking you to another screen. You can also sort columns by dragging the column header to a new spot.

The search and filter features of these pages have also been updated, with both now being found at the top left of the table on each page. Clicking the filter icon will open a new slide-out pane and enable you to add filters.

We’ve also made it faster to add new information, with the add button opening a small editing screen, instead of taking you to another page. These changes have been made to the following Settings pages:

Project Lists: Cost centres, Disciplines, Project Types, Payment Terms, Payment Types, Write-off reasons

Contact Lists: Roles, Titles, Contact Status,

Organisation: Invoice numbers, Credit numbers, Overtime rates

Timesheets: Standard project tasks

These UI changes are part of our continuing work to improve and simplify the way you perform tasks inside Synergy.

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