Mail Manager add-on for Synergy

Mail Manager add-on for Synergy

The Mail Manager add-on for Synergy enables Synergy to become your central hub for all project-related information.

The Mail Manager add-on for Synergy syncs all project-related email correspondence to the right project in Synergy, ensuring that important files and communications don’t get missed in a full email inbox.

Mail Manager’s advanced search functionality lets you search for a project-related email across all Synergy projects (and within Outlook), returning results within seconds.

About the Mail Manager add-on for Synergy

Mail Manager is an Outlook add-in, developed by Arup (in 2003), designed to help project-based businesses — architecture, engineering, construction design — gain control of their project-related email correspondence.

Mail Manager streamlines the filing of project-related email correspondence, so important project emails are no longer lost in overflowing email inboxes. Mail Manager’s ‘prompt and predict’ feature means that project-focused team members don’t have to think twice about filing their important project emails, saving them significant time.

Mail Manager also offers advanced search functionality, so you can find that important email you are looking for at the click of a button.

Synergy-Mail Manager integration

How does the Mail Manager add-on for Synergy work?

Mail Manager files project-related email correspondence to ‘projects’ in Synergy.

These ‘project’ folders can also be added from Synergy into Mail Manager. This means project-related emails can be filed and searched within Synergy and Mail Manager, returning results within seconds.

Mail Manager reflects permissions defined in Synergy — so you only need to manage security access settings in one place.

Key benefits

The Mail Manager add-on for Synergy saves architecture, engineering, and construction design businesses significant time — filing emails to the right projects is automated (Mail Manager learns your behaviors to help streamline this filing process), and searching for important project-related email correspondence returns results within seconds (search in Outlook or in Synergy — across all projects at once).

Mail Manager is light touch, easy to install, and easy to use. It takes the pain of filing important project-related email correspondence away, and leads to architecture, engineering, and construction design businesses managing all project-related information more effectively and efficiently.

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