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SharePoint for document control

Webinar — SharePoint for document control

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What we’ll cover

  • Connecting SharePoint to Synergy
  • Collaborating with your project team
  • Editing project documents
  • Filing project documents
  • Managing security to control documents
  • Syncing between SharePoint and Synergy

More about this webinar

In our ‘SharePoint for document control’ webinar, we’ll show you how to make the most of Synergy’s integration with SharePoint.

SharePoint for document control is designed to:

  • Help AEC project teams work better together on project documents, from wherever they are (we accelerated the development of the SharePoint add-on for Synergy to solve COVID-19 lockdown-related working challenges)
  • Improve document control in Synergy, as part of our continuing work to develop project information management (PIM) features and functions