Using technology to drive business performance and create ‘more time for design’

Uncover significant gains you can make in project profitability, service quality and cost savings by investing in innovative technologies.

What we’ll cover

You’ll see how technology can give you the tools to manage your resources well to deliver outstanding designs in less time and minimise administrative and accounting work. A live member case study will highlight the progress that can be made by harnessing the latest technologies in your practice.

Experts for the industry, Total Synergy helps businesses to effectively manage operations to increase profitability and create more time for design.

Reasons to watch:

  • Discover what makes a successful practice and why technology is so important.
  • Get to know emerging technologies and overcome fears you may have around investing them.
  • Understand how to streamline your designing processes by using purpose-built technology.
  • Uncover how to use data to drive your business decisions.
  • Hear from HBL Associates, a leading UK civil and structural engineering firm on how they have adopted modern technologies to create ‘More Time for Design’.

Intended for:

  • Structural Engineers of all levels
  • Directors, Admin, Designers, Project Managers
  • Project Management, Executive, Accountant

Webinar produced in association with the Institute of Structural Engineers.

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