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Synergy Enterprise gives you everything you need to deliver exceptional projects for your clients both now and in the future, all in a single online, scalable platform. This makes it perfect for any growing business looking to optimise project delivery, seize new business opportunities and find more time for design.

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Planning Boards

Resource planning board

Resource staff and access utilisation across multiple projects.

Revenue forecasting planning board

Forecast revenue by tracking incoming and paid invoices to manage cashflow and revenue projections.

Project planning board

Plan projects by viewing all jobs, active or pending, with timelines and resource allocation.

Project performance board

Track project performance to ensure active jobs are progressing well and improve operations based on job trends.

Kanban board

Tack to-dos against tasks in a job using the Kanban board to manage workload and ensure tasks are completed on-time with maximum efficiency.


Multi office

Take advantage of organisation-wide resources across offices to solve capacity issues. Account for inter-office/inter-project work.


  • See resource capacity across all offices
  • Balance work between different offices
  • Filter projects by office to see capacity loads
  • Move project work between offices

Multi-currency invoicing

Send invoices and get paid in the currency that best suits global projects. Easily handle exchange rates and fluctuations.


  • Send invoices in foreign currency values
  • Set a fixed or variable exchange rate
  • Let your project managers see payments regardless of exchange rate
  • Manage exchange rate fluctuation in connected accounting software
  • Let your customers ad suppliers pay in their own currency

Unearned income

Easily see the money you’ve earned (revenue) versus the money you’ve received but haven’t done the work for yet.


  • Guarantee that you adhere to IFRS15 (an international accounting standard that deals with unearned income) and comply with tax office requirements
  • Know the difference between money that belongs to you versus money that you owe, in the form of work yet to be completed
  • Improve the efficiency of your business’s revenue recognition


Invoice clients upfront and continue to add transactions for subsequent work. Ensure invoiceable work is not written off.


  • Show work as invoiced that you would have otherwise written off
  • Continue to invoice clients up front, with the ability to attach transactions to pre-bill invoices

Privacy and security

Customisable security

Manage security through a matrix where you can assign custom levels of access to individual staff within your organisation.


  • Customise what each Synergy access level means for staff at your organisation
  • Change the features or actions available for a staff access level
  • Simply check/uncheck the boxes for each staff access level


Volume pricing

Join an annual agreement with added discounts depending on the selected agreement term.

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