Synergy support options: knowledge base, help files, and helpdesk.


There are three ways to get help with Synergy, all of which can be accessed from inside Synergy:

Knowledge base

This is where you’ll find quick and short answers to the basics in Synergy. You can also access the Synergy community forum where our users comment and discuss how they use Synergy and what they’ve learned. Our support team is often here answering questions.

Help files

Help files are longer-form descriptions of how the different features of Synergy work, where they are, and why you might use them. Help files can be accessed from within the application from either left and right top menus, or by clicking the question mark at the foot of each page.


The Synergy helpdesk is where to go if you can’t find the answer in the knowledge base or help files. You can lodge a support ticket for the team to review and respond to by clicking the “Ask a question” button in the knowledge base. [Username and password required.]

Support operation times

Our support teams are based in Sydney, Australia, and London, UK. The hours the support desks are staffed are 08:30 to 17:30 Australia Eastern Standard time (adjust one hour forward for Australian Eastern Daylight time during our summer), and 08:30 to 17:30 GMT (adjust one hour for British Summer Time).

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