There are a few different ways to create a project, but the easiest is to select ‘Create’ on the dashboard.

It’s time to get your work done faster

Enter the name of your project.

Select the office (if there are multiple).

Select the status of the project and the project type.

Select the rate group.

Select the start and end dates of the project.

You can add a scope of work now or later.

Then select your appropriate project template which contains all of your project stages.

Choose the right people for the job

Choose your project manager.

Select your primary contact.

Ensure the currency is correct.

Enter the site address.

Add any relevant tags to make it easier to find and categorise your projects.

If you have any extra data in your template it will appear here. In this case, adding a Director in Charge.

When you’re finished inputing all of your fields, click ‘Save’.

You can now see an overview of the project.

Click ‘Edit’ to view the Work breakdown.

The work stages are dictated by the template chosen when creating the project.

You can now assign Stages and Tasks to staff, add your fees and update the progress of your project.

Now your project is ready to take flight

Synergy gives you #MoreTimeForDesign

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