Help and support

Help and support

Online help and support is only a click or a tap away.

Comprehensive business and project management software for architects, engineers and construction designers can be complex. It’s good to know you can get answers and support when you need it.

Key benefits of using Synergy’s help files, helpdesk and community forums: 

  • FAQs – you asked, we answered
  • Step-by-step help to get started quickly
  • Help files and guidelines
  • How-to videos
  • Community forum – ask other users
  • Expert support via the helpdesk

Business and project management software like Synergy can be a little complex at times, so it’s good to know help and support is a click or tap away.

With comprehensive information online to help you figure Synergy out – including instructions, how-to videos, frequently asked questions and community forums – you’ll benefit from the full power of Synergy in no time.

What you’ll find in the Synergy help files

  • Guides and instruction on how features work
  • How-to videos for hands-on guidance
  • Frequently asked questions – you ask, we answer and write it down
  • Community forum – space for you to ask other Synergy users for their feedback, or where you can lend your experience or advice to others in your community
  • Online helpdesk – submit a question and one of our expert team will help you solve it

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