Synergy pre-bill invoicing


Pre-bill invoicing

Invoice clients up front and continue to add transactions for subsequent work. Ensure invoiceable work is not written off

Synergy pre-billing allows architects and engineers to attach transactions to existing invoices. This lets you invoice clients up front, and later attach the transactions to the invoice for the work that was pre-billed to the client.

Key benefits of Synergy pre-bill invoicing:

  • Show work as invoiced that you would have otherwise written off
  • Continue to invoice clients up front, with the ability to attach transactions to pre-bill invoices
Manage invoicing more effectively and efficiently with Synergy business and project management software.

How (and why) to use Synergy pre-billing

If you have invoiced your client up front, you need a way to manage and account for the subsequent work you do (WIP). Before Synergy pre-bill invoicing, the only way architects and engineers could manage this work was to write it off. (You can’t send a new invoice to account for the work.) What you had to do was write it off, putting it in the bucket with bad work, training exercise, junior staff-led, etc., not as a record of the value of the work carried out.


With Synergy pre-bill invoicing, you don’t have to write this work off. You can now move it back onto the pre-bill (the upfront invoice), to recognize the fact that it was actually invoiced work, not written-off work. Synergy pre-bill invoicing contributes to better revenue recognition for your business.


Pre-bill invoicing is a way some companies manage their unearned income when they have sent upfront invoices. You can also try Synergy’s unearned income feature and take advantage of the full power of Synergy project performance.

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