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Share work and resources across offices and projects with Synergy multi office.

Synergy multi office is an Enterprise feature for architectural, engineering and construction design businesses with multiple offices.


Synergy multi office allows the organisation to see company-wide resource capacity and share work between offices for greater efficiency. It provides clear financial clarity for the financial officers to report on local office and business-wide performance along with the inter-office and inter-project work.

Key benefits of using Synergy multi office for architecture and engineering businesses and projects:

  • See resource capacity across all offices
  • Balance work between different offices
  • Filter projects by office to see capacity loads
  • Move project work between offices

How Synergy multi office helps directors, project managers and financial officers manage architectural, engineering and construction design projects and resources across multiple offices

If your architecture, engineering or construction design business has more than one office and you run projects at a local office level, you may encounter peaks and troughs in how busy you are. Sometimes you don’t have enough capacity in your project office to deliver the work, sometimes you don’t have enough projects for your staff.


Synergy multi office helps you balance the work across the offices in your organisation, using spare capacity where it exists to keep projects moving where there’s a capacity shortfall. This is a great idea in principle, but the challenge then comes in how to account for the time spent between offices on different projects. Synergy multi office covers this, too.


Synergy shows you capacity at a local office and organisation-wide level so you can solve resourcing issues. This is sometimes called workshare, resource balancing, or load balancing.


What’s more, with Synergy project portals and cloud document sharing, Synergy provides the platform to manage the critical long-distance communications challenges by keeping communication open, threaded and transparent.


Finally, Synergy also handles the project accounting challenge. It enables project managers to find the resources in other offices and for staff to assign their time to the right project, regardless of the office they work in. Synergy multi office provides financial reporting to show what time and resources are utilised from each office and on which projects so they can be invoiced, reported, and accounted for accordingly.

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