Image Gallery

View and manage project image assets with your team and third parties.

Synergy’s image gallery shows the project images in a light box grid view with different thumbnail size options. This means you can simply manage your visual assets by bulk tagging them, and filtering/grouping by tag and file name.

Key benefits of using Synergy practice management image gallery:

  • Search images by name or tag
  • Share images to project portal
  • Comment on images
  • Share to dashboard carousel
  • Bulk tag, filter and group
  • Package images and send to project
Manage project images with the Synergy image gallery.

Dynamic images for architecture and engineering projects

The Synergy image gallery turns your project images into the dynamic, collaborative visual assets they should be.


Once you’re in a project, you can shortcut to project images in the stats bar at the top of the page. Here you’ll be shown a grid view of all project images. You can show small, medium or large thumbnails.

Manage project images

Organising images is simple with tags. Add tags to any image to group them together. You can also select multiple images and tag them in bulk. Search images by date range, tag, whether they’ve been commented on or not, and by file name and keyword.


Image controls let you rotate the image, download, add to your project dashboard carousel, share with teammates, delete, and edit name, description and tags.

Collaborate on project images

Being able to collaborate on images is important for design projects. Images could be anything from defects, site progress and inspections, to interior furnishings, concepts and ideas, and completed projects. Synergy lets the project team comment on images and add tags as they go.


Image sharing lets the project team share images to the project portal. This means the image is available to project portal members, including invited third parties. Portal members can also comment on images, expanding the collaborative power of your project images. Synergy also lets you package up a group of images and email to a contact as a zip file.

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