Webinar — Introducing the Synergy and Mail Manager integration

Webinar — Introducing the Synergy and Mail Manager integration

About this webinar

Introducing the all-new Synergy and Mail Manager integration.

A crucial part of delivering built environment design projects is managing the tsunami of emails and attachments. Out of the box, Synergy offers a simple integration with Outlook, but if you have more sophisticated email management needs, you’re going to need a system designed to help file and search project emails.

Enter Mail Manager!

Mail Manager is the Outlook add-in developed by Arup to help project-based businesses eliminate their email management headache.

Combining Synergy and Mail Manager allows you to have the best cloud delivery platform coupled with the leading email management system.

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What we cover

In this webinar, learn about the project management and email challenges these leading platforms solve and see how they work together. 

See how Mail Manager: 

We’ll also show some key highlights of Synergy’s project management benefits: 

About the presenters 

Damiaan van Zanen — Total Synergy 

Damiaan is Total Synergy’s very own EMEA regional manager. He came to Total Synergy after eight years as both business manager to consulting engineering firms, and as CEO of a built environment design business back-office services company. Damiaan knows what makes AEC businesses different to other professional services, and he knows Synergy inside and out. 

Jacob Wardrop — Mail Manager 

Jacob Wardrop is a commercial director at Mail Manager, the email management solution developed by Arup. Jacob has spent over 10 years in construction, helping some of the nation’s leading contractors solve challenges associated with risk, productivity and information management. 

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