Webinar — Can data drive your creative and financial success?

Webinar — Can data drive your creative and financial success?

About this webinar

We’re delighted to team up with London-based business development consultancy, Always Thinking, for this webinar on using existing data to drive your business development strategy. 

Always Thinking help many businesses in the built environment industry realize their potential. Their passion is for a more creative, effective, and fun (you heard it!) approach to business development. They provide their clients with the tools and skills they need to enthuse their teams and build a culture around business development. 

Always Thinking’s approach to business development is underpinned by four pillars — data, research, collective intelligence, and action. 

This webinar will take you through the role of data in developing a business development strategy that leads to creative and financial success for your business.

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What we cover

In this webinar, we’ll take you through:

About the presenters

Karen Wiley, Katie Tobin — Always Thinking

Karen and Katie are co-directors of Always Thinking — and self-proclaimed geeks when it comes to business development. They have 35 years combined experience in business development, and work with the likes of Make, Goddard Littlefair and Elliott Wood.

Damiaan van Zanen — Total Synergy

Damiaan is Total Synergy’s very own EMEA regional manager. He came to Total Synergy after eight years as both business manager to consulting engineering firms, and as CEO of a built environment design business back-office services company. Damiaan knows what makes AEC businesses different to other professional services, and he knows Synergy inside and out.

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