Webinar — Introduction to Synergy project performance

Webinar — Introduction to Synergy project performance

What we’ll cover

  • Introduction and overview
  • Changes to the project list — the new star rating
  • Performance widget (aka the slider control)
  • Cost Performance Index (CPI) and Schedule Performance Index (SPI) metrics explained
  • The side panel
  • More detail on the amazing star rating
  • Wrap up

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More about this webinar

How do you measure project performance? Is it based on asking ‘how many hours did we spend and how much money did we charge?’ Is it using budget vs actual report?

These are great if you’re only interested in a financial point of view, but they’re terrible ways to manage a project overall — they only tell you how it is right now, not how it’s going to end up.

Fear not, project people! We recently released a new feature called Synergy project performance. This is a measure of the health of your projects using the earned value management technique (EVM).

EVM combines measurements of the project’s scope, time, and cost. It’s adding that extra dimension to how you measure the health of your project. It takes the context of what’s happened up to this point, and it adds the context of what you can project into the future, to tell you how you’re doing.

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About the presenter

Constantine Carluen — Total Synergy 

Constantine’s Total Synergy’s technical content developer. Constantine helps our users understand how to use Synergy better through written help files and instructional videos.

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