WFH? WTF? — How Team TS is rolling, working from home — 2. Preparation, planning and communication

Post by Jamie Millar - March 31st, 2020

We’re a small-to-medium software business with around 40 staff. They’re all now working from home. If this is a new way of working for your business, hopefully there’s something useful to learn from our story.

Meet our #TeamTotalSynergy WFH colleagues

Post by Synergy - March 27th, 2020

The dichotomy of these covid-colored times seems to be that, with social isolation, we need contact with each other more than ever. Come into the (non)hand-holding circle of Team Total Synergy and meet our WFH colleagues.

WFH? WTF? — How Team TS is rolling, working from home — 1. People and culture 

Post by Synergy - March 23rd, 2020

Right now, we need to enable work from home practices for the health of our communities and ourselves. We need to stay globally connected without being together. Socialized isolation. At Team Total Synergy we want to tell you the story of how our people are dealing with working from home (WFH) starting with a conversation with our head of people and culture, Clare Thompson.

How moving to the cloud kept Contour Consulting Engineers focused on their foundations

Post by Synergy - March 12th, 2020

Finance manager, Crystal, says the visibility on the performance of task, stage, and project levels of work is probably the area of most impressive improvement for Contour Consulting Engineers. Read how they used Synergy to achieve that improvement.

You can’t win ‘em all, but you can plan to be a (built environment) winner — the February 2020 Synergy update 

Post by Paul Hemmings - March 11th, 2020

There are two major updates in our February release that answer requests and wish-list items from our (always right-minded) customers. You won’t want to miss out on these winning scores for your AEC business.

The four keys to built environment business development — #1: Data

Post by Karen Willey - February 5th, 2020

What is ‘business development’ for a built environment practice? How do you do it? Karen Willey starts off Always Thinking’s guest blog series with the first part of the answer to both questions.

Your AEC business’s greatest resource and how to use it — the January 2020 Synergy update

Post by Paul Hemmings - January 30th, 2020

How do you know what the most valuable resource in your business is? Total Synergy’s Paul Hemmings tell you what it is here. How do you work out how to leverage it? Synergy’s January release answers that. Read on!

Best practice — Change management for cloud software adoption — Sustaining change

Post by Claudia Piscitelli - January 16th, 2020

“Getting to that ideal future ultimately relies on making change stick in the long term” — Claudia Piscitelli tells you how to do that with your business in the third and final part of our ‘Change management for cloud software adoption’ series.

Best practice — Change management for cloud software adoption — Implementing change

Post by Claudia Piscitelli - December 5th, 2019

“Guaranteed, no one will get their change strategy and business scenarios absolutely perfect when they first launch” — change expert Claudia Piscitelli tells you what to do about it in part two of our ‘Change management for cloud software adoption’ series.

Behind RIBA’s Guerrilla Tactics — Winning business and creating opportunities

Post by Damiaan van Zanen - November 22nd, 2019

Go behind the scenes of the Royal Institute of British Architects’ sold out Guerrilla Tactics conference and CPD day in London on November 5 and 6 — Understanding the Developer mindset: Winning business and creating opportunities.

The one thing that is more important to your AEC business than price or product

Post by Rosie Chehade - November 20th, 2019

“Your business needs to take full advantage of its resources to provide customers with the best possible CX” — our in-house rocket, Rosie Chehade, explains why customer experience will dictate the success of your built environment design business.

The milestones on the road to task management — Synergy’s November update

Post by Paul Hemmings - November 18th, 2019

This release gives you more granularity and detail in the way you're managing your projects, and that means greater control. We’ve also added all of that into the project templates, and that means saving time.

Improve your business writing in one step

Post by Katie Yates - November 14th, 2019

Good business writing shows more than just your grasp of grammar. It shows how clearly you think and how well you understand a subject. Katie Yates shows you how to improve your writing in one step.

The Business of Architecture and its Niche

Post by Synergy - November 7th, 2019

Architectural Review (AR) has been the independent voice of architecture in Australia for 30 years. Three years ago, the publisher of AR, Niche Media, took it and made a very deliberate, very perceptible shift. The move was away from built environment design projects, and toward the business of the built environment design industry.

Cera Stribley Architects — how moving to the cloud gives the firm more time to learn

Post by Synergy - November 1st, 2019

Melbourne-based Cera Stribley Architects began five years ago with four staff, and now has a team of 39 — a huge amount of growth in such a short time. Here’s how they did it and kept learning.

APIs — what they are and why you and your business care

Post by Synergy - October 30th, 2019

One opportunity that’s come with moving to the cloud is that it's much easier now to integrate one software with another via APIs. So what are they and why do you need to know?

Help! You don’t need somebody — Synergy’s self-helpful October update

Post by Scott Donnelly - October 27th, 2019

Synergy’s October update is all about a better customer experience when getting help — “If that doesn’t excite you, I’d just quickly check that you’ve got a pulse” says senior customer success specialist, Scott Donnelly.

A look inside The Institution of Structural Engineers’ Small Practitioners Conference

Post by Damiaan van Zanen - October 23rd, 2019

Our intrepid EMEA regional manager, Damiaan van Zanen gives you an insider’s view of The Institute of Structural Engineers’ Small Practitioners Conference in London, with some of the pearls from the presentations.

Indesco South Coast — how Mark Rigoni started his engineering business, and his family, in unison

Post by Synergy - October 22nd, 2019

Indesco South Coast was born at almost the exact same time as co-founder Mark Rigoni’s first son. We spoke to Mark about how he managed to juggle his baby engineering firm and his baby son when both are growing so fast.

Why you need AEC industry-specific software

Post by Synergy - October 20th, 2019

If you’re not using industry-specific business and project management software, you’re very likely doing your architecture, engineering, or construction design business a huge disservice.

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