The key is to make sure that your rates provide for both a sustainable profit margin and the basic operating costs.

Rates are what you bill per hour for the time recorded against projects and stages. They are also how you accrue the charge against a fixed fee. An AEC practice needs multiple rates for different staff levels or services provided. Moreover, architectural, engineering and construction design businesses don’t just bill time for people, but also equipment, printing, and fixed rates like site inspections.


Use the tool below to calculate your firm multipliers and project role hourly billing rate. If you want a more granular way to calculate your rates, you can do so in a Synergy subscription.


Synergy lets you select rates when entering timesheets or expenses and/or during invoicing. The rate value and markup percentage can be edited using variations to reflect the updated rate for each quarter or year. Business level users and above can add rate discounts or surcharges at a project or stage level.


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Billing Rate Calculator

Please view this page on a laptop or desktop computer to use the calculation tool.

Calculate your total overheads
Staff costs $
Administration salaries and costs
Employment expenses
Staff training
Office costs$
Computer maintenance/repairs
General office costs
IT equipment refresh
Lease costs
Banking and Insurance costs$
Bank fees
Fees and government charges
General insurance
Legal costs
Accountant fees (?)
Professional indemnity insurance
Operational costs$
Motor vehicle repairs / maintenance
Parking, taxis, etc
Your business
Number of billable staff
Overheads per staff
Total hours per annum
Non-billable hours (%)
Billable hours
Overhead per billable hour
Profit margin (%) include overheads
Your rates Salary (?) Cost (?) Rate (?)
Senior architect
CAD technician





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